Are you a genius? Then find what’s wrong with this picture

Exercising the mind from time to time is vital to keep it fresh and alert. It may sound a bit counterintuitive, but just like our legs, arms, and back, the brain also needs regular training.

At school, you sat on your desk every day to solve problems and challenges of various kinds. However, most adult tasks like cooking, cleaning, picking up the kids, and such, present little to no challenge to our minds.

Therefore, it’s good to put all that aside for a bit and focus on getting a good mental workout when the opportunity arises. You’ll thank yourself next time your mind has to keep up with a busy week at work.

The type of brainteasers you do doesn’t really matter. The important part is that the mind stays in shape thanks to regular light exercise.

Testing general education

In today’s challenge, we’ll put our general education to the test.

This test is not super complicated, but most people – both young and old – are tearing their hair out trying to solve it.

So it’s crucial to sharpen your senses and really pay attention if you want to solve this challenge.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Let us begin. Below, you’ll find a picture of a polar bear standing on an ice floe together with some penguins.

But something in this picture is entirely wrong. Can you guess what it is? Here is the image.

Can you find the mistake? Look carefully and think, I know you can do it!

If not, we’ll show you the answer after the picture below.

Here is the error in the picture

Then it’s time to reveal the answer. You can find it below.

As the image shows, polar bears live in the North Pole, and penguins are only found in the South Pole. So this situation will most likely never happen – them standing together on an ice floe together.

However, they don’t seem too concerned with each other, so maybe it would work out after all?

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