New challenge: Find the two mistakes in this picture

Now that it is cold and dark outside, it’s not that tempting to go out for a walk. When given the option, staying home on your comfy sofa, watching TV or reading a book, sounds much better.

Or if you can’t find any media to consume, you can always take on a few good ‘ol brainteasers. It’s an excellent way to kill time while providing a proper workout for the mind.

The type of puzzle doesn’t really matter. The more common are perhaps crossword puzzles and sudoku, which have come in the morning newspaper for as long as I can remember. However, if you look around a bit online, you will find infinite new ways to tease your brain.

It seems like the latest trend, when it comes to brainteasers, is optical puzzles. These challenges involve finding a certain detail, mistake, or even a whole new meaning for the entire image. The difficulty varies from puzzle to puzzle, but their popularity suggests that people of all ages enjoy them.

They are fun but oh so tricky. It is essential to think outside the box to solve them.

Can you find both mistakes?

Here comes today’s challenge. Below we find a picture of what seems to be a city center.

So far, so good. But in the picture, hidden among all the details, there are two inaccuracies. Your task is to find them.

Here is the picture – can you find the two mistakes?

Image source: YoutubeDid you find the mistakes? It is essential to carefully look at each part of the image to discover what’s wrong.

If you didn’t see them, check the answer after the picture below.

Here is the answer

If you can’t find both mistakes, here is the solution.

Image source: YoutubeThere, in the upper half of the picture, you can see the two mistakes. The traffic light has no red light, and the football event takes place on December 32, a date that doesn’t exist.

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