Clever Challenge: Which glass in the picture will fill up first?

Nowadays, it is quite a challenge to keep a healthy routine. This is due to the fact that we spend most of the time at home, keeping our social distance. The pandemic and the cold/dark winter have made it very hard for us to get the motivation to get off the couch and move. 

To find the willpower to exercise and eat well, we need to start with the most important “muscle” in our body, the brain.

There are different ways to accomplish this, but one of the most common ones are brainteasers, little tests or puzzles, that make the mind engage and forget about everyday responsibilities. Similar to how a light jog does for the body.

Testing yourself with crossword puzzles, riddles, or even math problems is always fun. This is something that I have started to do more and more to pass the time at home, and it might be the reason I’m in a good place mentally after a year of lockdown.

Earlier today, I came across a new puzzle – and I think its difficulty is at the perfect level. Not too easy, but not too hard either.

I’m confident that the answer will come to you if you concentrate and focus, so take your time and give it a good look.

Which glass is filled first?

Now the question: Can you find the correct solution?

In the picture below, wine is poured into a pipe system that leads to 4 different glasses. Your task is to figure out which of the glasses will fill up first!

Have you decided on your answer?

If you are not entirely sure, we will go through the solution after the picture below.

Here is the answer

– It’s not glass 1 as the last tube is closed at its start.

– It is not glass 2 as the last tube towards the glass is closed at its end.

– Glass 4 is also not it as the last tube towards the glass is closed in the middle.

– The answer is that glass 3 is the only one that can actually be filled. Therefore, it’s the first one that will fill up.

Did you get it right?

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