This test makes people dizzy: Which of these spirals has two parts?

Optical illusions, also known as visual puzzles, have fascinated humanity for hundreds of years. It is quite a unique experience to come across a good one. At first glance, these images are designed to fool your eyes into seeing something completely different.

However, the more you observe, the more you realize the truth. Trying to solve these puzzles is fascinating and pretty fun.

Thanks to the internet, there are millions of optical illusions available. It has recently become trendy to challenge friends and family online to see who can solve them first.

Brainteasers are an excellent way to keep the mind in shape. It’s crucial to try to take a small break every day from work and obligations, so you can give your head some time to relax and recharge its batteries.

Concentration required

It is always necessary to concentrate when trying to solve any challenge. But perhaps it is even more important when facing a visual puzzle.

It’s easy to get a bit dizzy when looking at an illusion, so it’s important to focus as much as possible, even if it feels a bit difficult.

If you stay sharp, your chances of overcoming this challenge are pretty good.

Image source: ShutterstockWhich of these spirals has two parts?

Okay! Time for today’s challenge, an optical illusion. Below we can see a picture of two spirals.

But one of the spirals consists of two parts. Your task is to find out which one it is.

Are you ready? Here comes the picture.

Did you see it? As I said, it is essential to focus.

Were you unsuccessful? No problem, you are not alone. Below, we’ll reveal the correct answer.

Here is the two-part spiral

Okay, if you have which of the spirals has two parts, the answer will be revealed after the image below.

The correct answer is spiral B! We marked the parts in red and green to make it easier to see.

Quite a difficult puzzle, so if you reached the answer on your own, congratulations are in order!

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