This quick test will reveal if you are smarter than the Average Joe

Living in modern society has many advantages, but like most things, there are pros and cons. Unbelievably, we can travel through space, have phones that talk to us, and we can find a way to communicate with any person in the world in a few seconds.

However, that means we hardly need to think for ourselves anymore. Technology does everything for us, which makes exercise for the mind a vital necessity, at least in my opinion.

As soon as I’m done solving a few brainteasers, I feel much more awake. It is essential to have a fresh body and mind!

Therefore, I thought I would invite you to a test that I know will give your brain cells a good workout.

According to the Youtube channel EG Mines, if you can solve all of the following 4 challenges, you are smarter than the average joe. Even if this statement should be taken with a grain of salt, it is always good to do some brain-teasing!

Your task is to find the symbol that stands out from the others – you have 10 seconds for each image. If you give yourself more time, that’s cheating!

Time to get started! Good luck!

1. Find the open padlock!

Did you manage to find the open padlock?

Below is the answer!

2. Locate the G among all the 6s!

Did you find the letter G?

Below is the solution!

3. Find the number 609!

Did you manage to find the number 609?

The answer is below!

4. Can you find the boomerang?

Could you find the boomerang?

Below is the solution!

Did you solve at least 2 of the puzzles? Then press the share button below and invite your friends to see if they are smarter than the average joe!



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