Controversial: How many legs can you spot in this picture?

There are plenty of topics that cause disagreements, arguments, and heated debates around the world.

Most times, it’s nothing more than a healthy discussion escalating a bit beyond the comfortable threshold. Other times, people lose their composure and just take things too far.

Usually, of course, it’s a matter of perspective – and the further apart your opinions and beliefs are, the hotter the conversation tends to get.

For most people, such things feel a little unnecessary. Of course, you have the right to stand your ground and defend your ideals. But being close-minded and resorting to insults and violence will have the opposite effect on the people you are trying to convince.

I think it’s sad and it should have never get that far in the first place.

We are writing about this because things like optical illusions and puzzles can make people lose their heads. Especially when they have to argue about the correct answer with colleagues, friends, or family.

A challenge should always force our minds to do plenty of logical thinking – and this can push people over the edge.

Share your answer with us

This visual puzzle below has generated intense debates and verbal quarrels throughout social media websites like Facebook and Reddit.

Here, we ask you to keep it civil, but no worries, you can make your case.

pexelsThis puzzle is quite simple in its execution, which makes it all the more difficult to solve. The fact is that no one seems to be able to determine, with 100% certainty, the correct answer.

How many legs can you see in the picture?

However, it can be fun to compare your solution with the rest of us, so do not be afraid to share your result in the Facebook post’s comment section.

The question: how many legs can you find in this picture?

The most common answers are – 6, 7, 13, and 14. And some even claim to see 15 legs.

It also depends on whether you have to see the whole leg, or if it is enough to see just a part of it to count it.

As I said, there is no absolute answer, but how many legs do you think there are?

Did you find more than five legs in the picture?

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