This pill will make your farts smell like chocolate and flowers

No matter who you are, we all fart from time to time – race, sex, age… none of these things matter when it comes to expulsing gas from our bodies. It is completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of, even if you happen to “let one out” among other people.

Of course, it’s preferable to do it in the bathroom, where the stench has time to go away, and the doors help you keep your anonymity. If we are in public, we tend to hold it in due to the mystery around its loudness and smell potency. Still, the pressure from inside can sometimes be overwhelming – and your only choice is to let that food ghost out.

However, now there’s a solution for all people suffering from uncontrolled stinky flatulence – which makes farts smell good. Or at least, that’s what the manufacturer claims.

A French company has developed a pill that will make your farts smell nice.

Because let’s be honest, they usually stink. But imagine if they could smell like chocolate or flowers instead.

Transforming the smell

These pills were created by inventor Christian Poincheval, who lives in the city of Gesbres, and he claims, according to Ladbible, that his pills can turn the stench of your stinky farts into much nicer scents.

Image source: Lutin Malin

Sounds awesome!

Poincheval has been working on the fart pill since 2007. Lutin Malin claims that the pill is completely ecological and does not contain chemicals or genetically modified products. It should simply work as a supplement fully based on natural ingredients.

How much does the fart pill costs?

On the company’s website, they wrote:

“After much research with a laboratory and many many tests, the Fart Pill finally saw the light of day. Since then, we can’t keep up with the number of press articles and numerous TV shows that have invited their favorite inventor to talk about his creation!“

Image source: Shutterstock

If you want to give the fart pills a try, just head to Lutin Malin’s website.

There, you can buy a bottle of 60 capsules for €20, equivalent to around $25.

There are different types of scents that you can choose your farts to smell like. Ginger, chocolate, and flowers are some of them, for example.

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