New Challenge: Find the letter that doesn’t belong in this picture

Lately, it has become quite trendy online to challenge your friends and family to see who can solve a brainteaser first. It can be simple riddles, visual puzzles, or even math problems from a school book. You must put yourself to the test to show your loved ones that there won’t be mercy when it comes to competition.

As a bonus, you keep your brain sharp and healthy, and it’s also quite fun! So bring out your competitiveness, and enjoy the feeling of victory, once you solve today’s puzzle.

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to limit your puzzle repertoire to just the Crosswords and Sudoku you find in newspapers and magazines. There are thousands of possibilities available, like the one we’ve brought you today, for example.

Time to concentrate

These types of challenges have been circulating the net for a while. The goal is to find a certain detail within an image.

It is usually not easy, and it is important to concentrate if you want to solve it.

But if you put your mind to it, I’m sure you’ll get it right, and then you’ll get to feel the joy of victory radiate throughout your body.

Find the letter that doesn’t belong

Okay, here’s today’s challenge.

Below we can see a picture with lots of Ys.

The challenge is to find a letter that is not a Y.

Here is the picture – can you find the letter that doesn’t belong?

Did you find it? It’s quite the challenge, but it should be fine if you focus.

If you can’t, worry not. The answer will be below.

Here is the correct answer

You’ll see the answer after the picture below.

Image Source: PexelsThere, quite far down to the right, we can see a T that does not belong!

Quite a tricky test. The colors certainly do not make it any easier.

Did you solve it on your own? Congratulations in that case!

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