Here’s the new helmet for everyone who wants to keep their big toes intact

We’ve all been there. You are walking around the house with something on your hands or in a rush to the bathroom. But then, all of a sudden, you bang your big toe against a piece of furniture.

The pain you feel is unbearable. Your mood takes a dive, and you try to breathe as you wonder if you really need that drawer in the hallway.

But now, you can finally avoid suffering this unwanted and awful pain, with the new safety helmets for toes!

Behind this, to say the least, ingenious invention, which goes by the name of Stubstoppers, lies Matt Benedetto, the inventor.

Avoid unnecessary toe pain

Stubstoppers are, in all simplicity, helmets shaped to fit the toes and protect them from any furniture, door frames, and anything else that could be on the path of our feet as we walk.

So whenever you have to run, walk or stretch around your home, you can easily put in your new safety helmets and be at ease. There won’t be any accidental toe pain.

“It can be like a construction zone trying to get around your apartment barefoot without stubbing your toes on something. Equip your big toe with these pint-sized hard hats to say goodbye to bruised toes and show that furniture leg who’s boss!” Matt wrote on his Instagram.

More clever inventions

Inventor Matt has not only made helmets for his toes, he has several smart (but unnecessary) inventions under his belt.

On his Instagram account Unnecessary Inventions, Matt proudly displays his many inventions. Check some of them out below.

Do you want to finish your ice cream before it melts? Then here is the solution!

Tired of unfolding your clothes like a peasant? Say no more!

Are you a person that always needs a slice of pizza ready to go? Then maybe this is for you!

Does your arm always get tired from holding your umbrella? Well, not anymore! Here’s a flying umbrella.

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