Math professor has fathered 77 children and has 14 more on the way

Having children is a choice nowadays. There is nothing wrong with a family of two. You don’t have to worry about saving for college, you can travel anywhere (after the pandemic is over, of course), and just have more freedom and money overall.

Others, however, dream of a house full of life with plenty of family members. But sometimes they can’t have children due to biological reasons. Thankfully, there are several options for those aspiring to be new parents, like finding a sperm donor, for example.

As a donor, you choose how frequently your sperm can be used. Some donors like to do it quite often. But Ari Nagel, the New Yorker from our story today, seems to have taken things to the next level.

At the age of 44, he has provided the world with 77 children, is currently expecting 14 more with women around the world – and has no plans to slow down, reports the Daily Mail.

Ari Nagel, 44, works at New York college as a math professor. But it is probably great that his arithmetic skills are well developed, as he will soon be the father of 91 children.

“The old fashioned way”

At the time of writing, Ari has 77 children, and he is also expecting 14 more. Becoming a father to 91 children would probably sound quite exhausting for anyone else.

But “only” a dozen of his children have been conceived the “old-fashioned way.” For the rest, Ari has donated sperm to women worldwide, which has given Ari the nickname “The Sperminator.”

By donating sperm instead of having sex, Ari and the prospective mothers protect themselves from diseases. This way, he has more time to get other women pregnant.

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Travel all over the world to donate

Not only does Ari have children in the United States, but he travels the world and donates his potentially successful sperm.

“I went to Africa twice last month to try and meet women to help them conceive. The month before that, I was in Barbados and then Georgia, the country, not the state. The month before that I went to Russia, so sometimes travel is involved.” said Ari to the Daily Mail.

Ari has never been paid for his services. He thinks that the love he receives from all his children is enough.

“Of course, I do get paid with lots of hugs and kisses and a lifetime of appreciation.” he continued.

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Does not meet all children

Because Ari has biologically fathered so many children, he does not have the time to meet all of them, especially those who live on other continents.

“I get a lot of joy from being a father to so many kids. Some of them I see every day, some of them I’ve never met. It’s up to the family,” Ari concluded.

Here you can see an interview with The Sperminator.

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