10 things everyone does when they are alone at home

Having time alone at home can be nice. Especially if you are always surrounded by people from work or friends and family. Time by ourselves means an opportunity to relax and gather our thoughts.

You can also just be yourself without fear of being judged. Of course, this also applies to those who live alone, however, they have the luxury of always being able to decide how they want to behave.

Of course, having the family around is great, but I think most of us can agree that it is nice to have a moment to ourselves at least once in a while!

Whit that said, with inspiration from Mexican illustrator Idalia Candelas, we have put together the 10 best things about being alone at home when you are an adult!

I think several of the points are spot on – and most people probably won’t admit it, but I know they can relate!

1. You can lie down and read wherever and however you want – no one can judge you!

2. You can walk around in your underwear without a single worry in the world!

3. No need to close any door! Or wear anything for that matter!

4. You can clean later! There is no one around to nag at you about the mess!

5. You can take a moment to enjoy the silence, drink some tea, and watch the sunset. Nothing can get in between you and your thoughts!

6. Your bed, your rules!

7. Nap time comes whenever you decide it does!

8. You can lie on bed and stretch all day if you want. No one will ask you to get up to do those boring chores!

Image source (all):  Idalia Candelas

9. You can scream, laugh, and sing out loud without a care in the world!


10. You can eat whatever you want – no one to complain or make remarks! Such Freedom!


Which of these points was your favorite?

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