Today’s Challenge: How many holes does this shirt have?

There are lots of different ways to keep your brain in shape. We all want to feel fresh, alert, and with a sharp mind. But to do so, it is vital to keep those brain cells moving. For me, I prefer to sit down with a few crossword puzzles while having my morning coffee.

During the past few years, it has become quite popular to find puzzles online. This is great for those looking for some brain-teasing at the start of their days.

We need it. Many of us stare into a screen for most of our day and barely do any thinking by ourselves. It is, of course, fantastic that we can access different brainteasers via the internet.

In any case, that is my firm opinion!

When I was a kid, it was not as easy to find new puzzles. You had to rely on magazines and newspapers for your daily brain-teasing. Now, every day I come across new challenges that I can share with friends a family.

Like the one I found earlier this week.

How many holes does the t-shirt have?

According to several sites that reported on the next puzzle, only 1 in 7 adults gets the correct answer on their first try.

Therefore, I felt that it could be fun to give you some options to “level the field” for everyone.

How many holes do you see in the t-shirt? The answer could be – 2, 4, 6, or 8!


Now take your time and think about it, give it a few seconds.

There are probably more holes than you think at first glance! Let those brain cells work for a while before you decide on an answer!

Below, however, we’ll reveal how many holes there are in the shirt!


The correct answer is 8! Or what we call alternative D!

Below, we’ll explain how we counted a full 8 holes in two different pictures!


There are two holes in the front of the shirt, that much is obvious. Then there are another two for the arms, one for the neck, and then one more hole at the bottom for the rest of the body. So six holes that you can see from the front. However, there are actually two more!


Of course, you also have to keep in mind that a t-shirt has two sides! And since you can see straight through the t-shirt, that means that there are similar holes on the back of the shirt. So two more holes – a total of 8!

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