Today’s Test: This classic riddle is said to be impossible

It is difficult to find the time to exercise your brain as a working adult. Back when you were little and went to school, your job was to learn and nourish your brain through exercises and learning new information.

But as an adult, life is more about picking up the kids, doing the laundry, and shopping for food than learning the Pythagoras’ theorem.

However, exercising the brain regularly is important if you want to live a long and happy life. In the same way as it is important to keep your body in shape.

There are millions of brain teasers out there. Most of us probably think of crossword puzzles or Sudoku when we think about puzzles or challenges.

But today, thanks to the internet, there are many fun – and difficult – tests to tackle if you feel like moving those brain cells around.

Classic riddle

Solving an old, classic riddle has become a popular way to pass the time online lately, which works out because the internet is full of riddles of varying difficulty.

Besides a strong feeling of nostalgia, riddles force you to bring out your inner competition instinct, because you usually don’t like losing to your best friend at any challenge, right?

Here is the mystery

Here is today’s riddle. You can see it in the picture below.

Image source: The Laugh Club

“There were 10 apples in a tree, and 10 people were passing by. Each took an apple and left 9 apples hanging there. How is this possible?”

Quite the mystery! Anything but simple. How come there are 9 apples left?

Now be creative and think for a while. I know you can do this.

If this classic riddle is too difficult, we’ll show you the answer below.

Here is the answer to the mystery

Having a hard time finding the answer? No worries, most people can’t answer on their first try. After the picture below, you’ll see the answer to this classic riddle.

Image source: Pexels

The correct answer is: “Each” was the name of one of the ten people passing by.

In this way, this person is the only one taking an apple from the tree.

Did you solve this classic riddle on your own?

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