People Are Sharing How They Discovered Their Partner Was Cheating

The stories about how people found out their partners were cheating are wild, while others are straight-up heartbreaking.

  1. He told me that his grandfather had died, so he needed to go home to be with his family. After that, he posted, ‘My love, my life,’ on a New Year’s Eve photo of him with his girlfriend of one year…who wasn’t me. His grandpa was FINE. One of the Real Housewives looks completely shocked.

2. “I’m not stupid. In her car, I put a voice-activated digital recorder. Within 24 hours, I knew everything I needed to know.

3. “My wife told me she was driving to Pittsburgh from our home in Virginia to see an old mutual friend. “I knew she had a ‘friend’ who lived a bit farther north in New York, but it wasn’t until I got a call from my bank asking to verify the charges that I realized she went straight to New York, and none of the charges were for a hotel.”

4. “He would always come already showered since he would sweat playing. In one case, she sewed his soccer socks together, and when he returned all showered, the socks were still stitched, so he wasn’t playing soccer.

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