Parents Share 10 Pictures Of Babies Born With Full Heads Of Hair

Parents Share 10 Pictures Of Babies Born With Full Heads Of Hair.

A soon-to-be parent has a lot to think about before their baby is born.

They don’t have to worry about what kind of haircυt to give their child. All in all, hairy babies should be a myth, right?

Try telling that to the parents of these adorable children in the photos below!

Check out these moms sharing their incredible hair growth pictures, and don’t forget to vote for the hairiest one!

Here are the best and craziest. Or both. Can you imagine how many baby hairstyles you can do with a baby that has so much hair?

Here is a picture of my 10 month old baby with her normal crazy hair

Rick James, number two? #2

Little Isabelle Looks Like A News Anchor #3

Picture was taken when he was just 3 weeks old #4

Here’s What a Newborn Norwegian Looks Like #5

Amazing! He looks just like Blaine from Izombie. Look at him!

This Wave Means Business #6

Adorable Katie-Lee is #7

A Mini Elvis At Seven Days Old #8

At age seven months, Olivia’s hair falls over her face and reaches her shoulders #9

Baby With The Whitest Hair I Have Ever Seen is #10

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