A Man Refuses To Marry His Girlfriend Until She Loses 20 Pounds

One woman recently emailed BuzzFeed’s Stephen LaConte and his Hey Stephen corner for advice. According to this woman, her boyfriend of four years will not marry her until she loses weight. Below is her message (from BuzzFeed). Stephen wrote that the woman should dump her boyfriend and get out of that relationship.

He added that the woman’s boyfriend shouldn’t expect her to have the same body as when they first met, and they’re going to spend the rest of their lives together.

“And how about the man’s body?” he asked. His own shape will eventually sag, expand, wrinkle, and look nothing like it did when he was young. Can that be allowed? Does his body change if yours does not? ””

What happens if the woman decides to have children? In the case of pregnancy or childbirth, the effects on her body might be irreversible and permanent. Do you think he would be ok with that?

For illustrative purpose (source: gucmakale.com)

Stephen believes that dangling marriage over her head like a prize is very, very wrong, because it could seriously harm her. Thus, the woman should leave that relationship as soon as possible.

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  1. Move over. There is someone standing right behind you. Seriously? This is just not okay. His body shaming in and of itself is not only NOT cool and hurtful, it is a sign of his love being “conditional”. Marriages are hard enough without starting off feeling unloved because of a few pounds. Some people actually like a larger than average profile..While many men feel happy they won’t have to shake the sheets to find their mate, I have a feeling this guy will shake to his hearts content and won’t find her there..ah no way! Bye dude!