Mom Gets Frustrated At Her Son’s Teacher For Getting His Name Wrong For Two Years

Mother asks netizens for advice after son’s teacher consistently gets his name wrong, even after teaching him for two years. A woman took to a popular parenting forum called Mumsnet to ask other parents what they thought about her situation.

She titled her post, “Am I being unreasonable to expect my son’s teacher to get his name right?” She wrote: “My son has had the same teacher for two years, and she still spells his name incorrectly.” It’s not just incorrectly spelled; it’s a different name. My son is quite upset when it happens. I have pointed out the error multiple times, but his school report is still spelled incorrectly.

“It’s not a difficult name either. He only has a few weeks left with her. Should I just let it slide, or should I send her another email?

It was said by many parents that the mom was not unreasonable and that she should email again because it was unacceptable for the teacher to continue to get his name wrong after it had already been brought up.

They said, “Send it.”. “That’s awful,” said the second. “Send it.”. This is really poor that the teacher doesn’t know his name after two years.” One mom wrote.

One person commented: “I might send back the report and say they gave you someone else’s report, since your son’s name isn’t on it.”. However, I can be a stubborn b***er!


Someone who is also a teacher said that she did something that was “really awful.” She wrote: “Surely the report should have been proofread and that mistake pointed out. That’s awful!” “I would contact them again and I am a stickler for getting names right. This is coming from a teacher.”

The frustrated mom added: “I have already spoken to her about it and emailed the headteacher about it, too.”. I always correct his name on his reading record, etc., and underline it in red to make sure she sees it. He’s in primary school after all.

“His previous teacher always spelled it correctly. It’s not a difficult name. It’s typed in his report, but the other homework is written.

He gets upset every time he shows me something with the wrong name. He told her this himself as well. “I wondered if she was deliberately trying to upset me.”


The teacher’s actions could be viewed as bullying the woman’s child, according to one parent… It’s bullying your child – you’ve pointed it out multiple times and he’s pointed it out and she’s blatantly ignoring your concerns and upsetting a child for whom she has pastoral responsibility.

“That’s outrageous for a primary school teacher – she’s had thirty children for two years, so there is no excuse. It doesn’t matter what his name is, she should remember it – the fact that she hasn’t means she’s either incredibly stupid, extremely lazy, or deliberately trying to embarrass you. “Let me hear your complaint, in writing, not in a cc the headteacher way, but in a ‘formal written complaint I expect a proper response to’ way.”

Despite some outraged comments, some parents thought she overreacted…

I would say let it go in secondary school. Teachers have hundreds of students to remember, and it is difficult. Even though I have two wonderful girls in one of my classes, I still get them mixed up. Another teacher said, “They’re always apologizing and forgiving. It’s great.”.

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