8-year-old girl learns sign language only to say ‘good morning’ to deaf delivery driver

An eight-year-old girl in the UK has formed a heartwarming friendship with a hearing impaired delivery driver – and their story has touched millions of social media users.

During lockdown, Tallulah, 8, of Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, sees her Hermes driver Tim Joseph at least once a week. During the c.o.r.o.n.a.vi.ru.s-induced lockdown, the young schoolgirl made him a picture of a rainbow with the word “thank you” written on it.

According to Tallulah’s mother, Amy Roberts, Mr Joseph proudly displayed this on his van. She decided to learn some sign language in order to communicate with him further.

Tim looks surprised as the little girl signs to him ‘have a good day’ (Picture: mummybear1903)
Tim then teaches Tallulah how to say ‘good morning’ which she ‘signed back perfectly,’ he said (Picture: mummybear1903)
The delivery driver said he hopes more learn to sign to ‘bring more people together’ (Picture: mummybear1903)

“ThᎥs Ꭵs our HermesParcels delᎥvery man, we see hᎥm 1 or 2 tᎥmes a week, start of the lockdown Tallulah drew hᎥm a thank you,” she wrote. “He stᎥll has Ꭵt proudly on show Ꭵn hᎥs van. They have buᎥlt up quᎥte a frᎥendshᎥp over these last few weeks.”

Tallulah’s ‘proud mum’ Amy Roberts posted a touching video on YouTube in which she greets Tim at their front gate and signs, ‘Have a good day’.

The video has been viewed 19,6 million times and thousands of comments have been left. “Thank you so much to your daughter and the delivery man for this demonstration of love all around. They are both incredible,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another said, “That was beautiful, crying.”.

After the video went viral, Ms Roberts shared a photograph of the two friends, writing: “Tim is overwhelmed by everyone’s kind comments.”. He signed to us that he was crying with joy.”

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