Her son makes fun of his schoolmates who shop at thrift store, so she makes him wear $20 worth of cheap clothes to school for a week

She makes her son wear $20 worth of cheap clothes to school for a week because he makes fun of his schoolmates who shop at thrift stores.

When a mom in Georgia noticed her 13-year-old son was acting entitled and making fun of his peers at school who shop at Goodwill, she came up with a brilliant plan.

How did she teach him a lesson? Have him shop at the very store he criticized.

Cierra Brittany Forney shared a viral Facebook post about how she taught her teenage son about being modest and not judging others based on their appearance.

Forney said her son made snarky comments about his schoolmates who shopped at Goodwill and acted like a spoiled child.

“I don’t tolerate that,” she wrote. “He took his own money ($20) to the Goodwill today to buy clothes to wear to school for the entire week. No matter what he finds, he’ll wear it. Although he isn’t happy and shed a few tears, I believe that in 15 years he will laugh about the day his mother made him shop at goodwill.”

In order to teach him a lesson, she made him spend his own $20 on a Goodwill wardrobe he selected, and forced him to wear it for a whole week.

Even though he protested and cried, he eventually relented and accepted his punishment.

She asked him if it was okay before sharing the picture, stressing that this was not a punishment, but rather a way to teach her 13-year-old to appreciate what others have

It is also unacceptable behavior to degrade others in order to feel superior.

I want to teach my kids that money isn’t everything, and if you have to degrade someone else because of where they shop, then you too will shop there.”

To prove to her son that money isn’t everything – and that b.u.l.l.y.i.n.g is never acceptable, Forney told TODAY Style that she wasn’t trying to humiliate him.

Her main concern as a mother is that her son has learned a lesson from his recent actions.

“My son learned a valuable lesson from this and he’s rocking the Goodwill button-up shirt he bought today with pride.”


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  1. Shame is never a good punishment. Because she made him wear clothes from a thrift shop as a punishment (punishment harms, discipline teaches), she should have instead, after realizing her son is an a-hole. Started gradually adding thrift store items to his wardrobe to normalize shopping and wearing used clothing. D-baggery shouldn’t be tolerated but shame is not a teacher.

    1. she stated she was NOT shaming Clothes from a thrift shop are checked for damage and perfectly acceptable clothing for anyone. Babying him by gradually adding the clothing as you state he will wear ANYTHING other than the thrift clothing which teaches him nothing. He needs compassion and teaching and not what you call normalizing which is simply continuing his belief he is better than others. He needed brought down a notch and hopefully his lesson while not painful of course was a teaching moment for now and his future. That thrift store kid could one day be his boss….I know a girl I went to school with was taught..putting me down because she had the best, walking into the doctors office and finding me in there while she continued to work fast food behind the fryer. She couldnt keep a job or a husband because of her better than anyone attitude. Teach him young….he may be setting beside his future boss