You Should Give Up These Bad Habits To Live A Happier Life 

 We should all give up these 25 habits. What do you think?

1. Gossiping.

Somehow, I always seem to be the target of other people’s gossip. It used to annoy me a lot, but now I just let them talk and don’t get involved. I can’t help wondering how much more they would be able to accomplish if, instead of gossiping, they were actually doing some work or learning something new.

2. Listening to what others say.

People’s opinions of us only matter to them. Everyone will have an opinion about what went wrong, or what you should do next. Don’t listen to them. Better. Listen to your intuition, because in your heart, you already know what to do.

3. Doing things to excess.

Moderation is the key! Doing anything in excess will eventually harm you. Don’t drink too much, don’t procrastinate too much, don’t work too much, just do it all in moderation.

4. Blaming others for our situation.

When things go wrong, we tend to look for someone to blame. The boss had something against me, so he fired me. My girlfriend left me, so I’m doing d.r.u.g.s. Let’s stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for our mistakes. By doing so, we can see where we went wrong, and what we can do to improve ourselves. You will never become a better person if you keep blaming others for your issues.

5. Spending time with negative people.

Choosing wisely with whom to spend time is so important. Negative people will always drag you down. There is always a problem in every situation, and they make sure to tell you about it, taking the joy and enthusiasm out of it all. You’ll feel bad about yourself and your life, you’ll lose your wings when you dream big, and they’ll point out everything wrong in the world. All. Time. Of. The. Day.

6. The act of judging others.

We will never know other people’s stories, so let’s try not to judge them. We don’t know what led someone to make a decision. We don’t know what they are dealing with. Judging others upsets me. Oh my Gawd, she gained so much weight!”,”,”, “Oh my Gawd, did you hear she left her husband?”. Maybe he was beating her, Karen, shut up already.

7. We feel sorry for ourselves.

Life is hard, I know that. Nobody has it easy. From the outside, it may seem like a beautiful spring day, but we’re all going through our own storms, and feeling sorry for ourselves won’t make the sun come out. Let’s just be thankful we’re still here. Let’s celebrate that we’re alive, that we’re loved, and that things aren’t worse. Keep fighting until that beautiful spring day comes.

8. Sharing too much.

This is a lesson we should all learn! You should keep important things to yourself. Don’t tell everyone if you’re doing well, otherwise they’ll try to take advantage of you. There are toxic people all over, and they come running when they hear someone is doing well. Likewise, if things aren’t going well, keep it to yourself. Some people can’t wait to see you down so they can kick you more. You should only share personal information with people you truly trust. 

9. Holding grudges against others.

It’s too short to live. Forgive those you must forgive, and let the past go. Enjoy your life, because it is seriously too short and beautiful. We’ve got too little tishort a this planet, let’s not spend it in resentment. 

10. Watching too much television.

It is toxic to watch TV. They poison us. I’m tired of people arguing, fighting, and breaking up lifelong relationships over who the best president is. Read a book for a change. Watch a good movie. Listen to some enjoyable music. Go pleasant. Take the time to walk. There is more to this wonderful world than politics, debates, and news. We’re poisoning our souls with politics and bad news instead of enjoying it.

11. Settling down for less.

Each of us is unique and amazing. We deserve the best. Yes, you do too. Please don’t settle for anything less. You deserve love. You deserve to be treated well. You deserve to be respected. Your time is precious. It matters what you like. Dreams and wishes are just as important as everyone else’s. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

12. Focus on the negatives.

There is a negative side to everything, just as there is a positive side. We can choose to see the good or the bad. Even those who have nothing will be happy if they look on the bright side. Even if they have everything, those who focus on the negative will be unhappy. Remember this.

13. Unsolicited advice.

We all have to break this habit. Over the past two years, more people have felt entitled to give others advice – especially health-related advice. Please listen. My doctors will give me medical advice, and my lawyers will give me legal advice. Love and life is something I can handle, and if I ever need an opinion, I will ask for it. Stop giving unsolicited advice, or you will eventually lose friends.

14. Looking back at the past.

Put the past behind you and move forward. We all know that looking back, stressing about what we could have done differently, and having regrets don’t help anyone. The past can’t be changed. However, you can enjoy the present and change the future.

15. Taking part in drama.

Don’t get sucked into other people’s dramas. Stay away from people who are constantly in a “situation”, and take a step back from things that don’t concern you. Otherwise, you’ll get caught up in a drama that has nothing to do with you.

16. Doing what is expected of us.

Those who always do what they should and never what they want are the most miserable people in this world. Although society, family, and our entourage may have certain expectations of us, that doesn’t mean we should put them before our own personal wishes.

17. Being upset and offended over the smallest things.

I don’t understand the “I’m offended” trend. What I don’t understand is why people get upset over the smallest things. It’s their choice! Your day can be spent smiling and laughing, or you can be upset and offended by something written by a complete stranger on Facebook. Happiness is what I prefer.

18. Pursuing happiness as a destination.

Since we were kids, we have chased happiness like it was a destination we must reach. If I study hard, then I will be happy. After I finish school, I will be happy. I’ll get a job, and then I will be happy. Then I will get married. I’ll find a better job. Then I will get a better job. When I retire, I’ll be happy. We check things off our list, hoping they’ll bring us closer to the goal of happiness. However, the journey is what matters most. Be happy on the way.

19. Avoiding change.

I know that not everyone makes changes easily. But when things aren’t good enough, you can either complain forever or make the change. “I can’t find a job where I live”. Move! “I’m stressed out at work!” Change jobs! Take action. No one can guarantee that things will change for the better, so we are often afraid to make changes. Without taking the first step, we will never know for sure.

20. Blaming ourselves for past mistakes.

You should forgive yourself. We all make mistakes. If you’re a human, you’re not perfect either. Put the past behind you and focus on the future.

21. Comparing ourselves with others.

It would be great if we could all stop comparing ourselves to others. We are not in a competition. We do not know each other’s entire stories. We are all so different, how can we compare? You should only care about being better than yesterday. Never try to walk in someone else’s shoes; focus on your own journey. You never know what else is in their story.

22. Always complaining about something.

After hearing hundreds of stories that are much worse than mine, I no longer allow myself to complain. While I may not have it easy, I am aware that others have it worse. When I hear people acting as if the world is ending for the dumbest reasons, I think of friends who have lost a child, friends who are battling illness, and those who have nowhere to live. Those are the real problems. Cancelling your flight is not the end of the world.

23. Believing we are better than others.

Others still look down on others, as if they could never – ever be as low as them. Nothing is certain in life, and I think it’s pretty obvious that anything can happen. Let’s just treat everyone the same way we would like to be treated. Give someone a hand if they are down, and help lift them up. Show kindness instead of superiority and contempt.

24. Relying on others to make us happy.

No one has the right to make us happy. It is our responsibility to be happy, and we must stop relying on others to fulfill our needs, and blaming them when we are miserable.

25. We take ourselves too seriously.

You shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Stop getting upset over everything, and let’s have some fun for a change. I think we all deserve it after two years of worry, stress, and isolation.

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