The size of your thumb says about you. Check yours now!

The physical features of our body are believed to reflect our personality. Our body’s physical parts, especially our thumbs, can actually reveal a lot about our personalities – both good and bad!

Generally speaking, humans have three different kinds of thumbs, all of which differ in size and shape. What Does Your Thumb Say About You?

Let’s call them Thumb A, Thumb B, and Thumb C. Which one do you have? You only need to look at your thumbs right now. Find out what they mean!

Thumb A

People with this kind of thumb, where the top part is larger than the bottom, are believed to be more passionate about their partners. They are also believed to be more faithful to them. People with a thumb like this will always prioritize their relationship over anything else in their lives. Their career, their hobbies, nothing is as important to them as their partner.

Thumb B

Do both halves of your thumb have the same size? When it comes to relationships, you are said to be very calm and composed. You don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Instead, you set goals, plan them, and stick to them. You have a level head and don’t give in to passionate obsessions. As a result, it is harder for you to fall in love.

Thumb C

When the bottom half of your thumb is larger than the top half, you are trustworthy and reliable. Before you act, you think. When you finally go all-in for someone, there’s a high probability that they’re the right one for you. You won’t settle. But once you find that special someone, you can become very passionate about them. Congratulations!

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