8-year-old boy took care of his sick mother himself. Now he’s already 24 years old, how has his life turned out?

The story spread all over the media 15 years ago. Vladik, an 8-year-old schoolboy from Dobryanka, runs the household and takes care of his semi-paralyzed mother independently. Many people were amazed. Some admired, while others were surprised: how could this be?

The fate of this family is very difficult. Vladik’s father drank, so his mother did not tolerate it and left him. She settled in a small village house with her child and they had nowhere else to live.

It was challenging. Although there was not enough money, there was enough food for two people. Vlad’s mother suffered a stroke when he was eight, and she later became paralyzed.

His father was not alive at the time. A young boy was left to suffer alone. He had no other option than to go to an orphanage. Vlad was not the kind of man who resigned to his fate, he would not abandon his mother. He would do anything to get her back on her feet.

Vlad’s neighbor stepped in to take care of him. The boy needs to cope on his own after she handled all the issues in social services.

The media learned about Vlad and his mother when he turned 16. Even the officials took it upon themselves to help the boy after hearing this story. Think of it, he cooked, washed, and cleaned for his mother.

There were also times when it was very difficult. His mother’s condition deteriorated, and she stopped talking. However, Vlad didn’t give up. Every evening, he sat down with his mother and read a book so she could learn how to speak again.

Unfortunately, Vlad was unable to fully cure Tatiana, and her treatment required a lot of money. He didn’t have any, but he wouldn’t give up. In order to make it easier for his mother, Vlad did everything he could. He was rewarded for his efforts – his mother started talking again, not as well as before, but still, progress had been made.

The most interesting part of Vlad’s story is that he did not drop out of school. He also made great progress in sports. His coach always praised him and he was the best student he had.

Vlad is doing well personally as well. Nastya and he have been together since high school. They fell in love and became a couple. Therefore, he was no longer alone in his misfortune, as Nastya assisted him with caring for his sick mother.

Now that the guy is 24, he works as a welder in his hometown.

The family moved from a wooden house to an apartment provided by the local government. They still support the Kudryashov family.

Vlad continues to work tirelessly to ensure a bright future for his family. Kind, brave, and hardworking guy is confident that everything will be okay with his mother. In addition, his story will forever remain in the hearts of people, terrifying and exciting at the same time.

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