No One On The Internet Can Tell If This Is A Dog Or A Bear — Can You?

A weird yet controversial photograph appears on the internet every few months, causing outrage. The internet was debating the color of “the dress” a few years ago, but now it’s all about weird imagery. The photo becomes viral, and the media covers the public outrage for a short time. We can’t resist sharing our thoughts on these controversial images, no matter how trivial they may seem.

However, all of this discussion just adds to the confusion regarding the situation’s reality: what color was “the garment,” exactly?Currently, there is debate concerning whether the animal in this photograph is a bear or a dog. Regardless of breed, he’s cute, but that hasn’t stopped internet users from asking for answers… What do you think?

An image of this animal has gone viral on the internet, leaving many with just one question: what is it?


It is still unclear whether this fluff ball is a dog or a bear.


Reddit user yamesjames popped everyone’s bubble by answering the question: He’s a friend’s dog named Kuma.

Yamesjames may have provided a clear explanation for the animal’s identity, but I’m not sure I’m ready to trust it.

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