Student Takes Graduation Pics in the Field Where Her Parents Work To Remind Us That Hard Work Always Pays Off

A student took her graduation photos in the field where her parents work to demonstrate that hard work pays off.

Jennifer Rocha’s graduation photographs serve as a touching tribute to her parents.

Photographing her in the fields where they work…

According to Rochea, her parents from Michoacan, Mexico, were “not lucky enough to achieve their aspirations of pursuing higher education and obtaining the dream careers they desired” in a piece of writing posted on UC San Diego’s Facebook page.

Thus, her parents told her that the only way she would be able to understand how important it was to pursue a higher education was to work as a migrant field worker while she was in high school.

Rocha began working in the fields with her parents when she was still in high school.

“To go work in the fields overnight,” her father would pick her up.

We would plant strawberries, get off around 2-3 a.m., and get ready at 5 a.m. otherwise I would miss the city bus.

Rosa admired the workers for persevering despite their backaches while flies, mosquitoes, and bugs buzzed around their faces, going into their eyes.

She wrote, “No one thinks or observes what goes on behind the scenes of a grocery store vegetable.” But behind it is someone who breaks their backs every day in the fields.

Rocha worked in the field even after she left for college on weekends or during breaks.

Since her parents couldn’t afford for her to have a room at school, she “had to commute from distant places like Oceanside and Lakeside.”

The challenge of working two jobs, commuting, and going to school at the same time was overwhelming. My parents’ words of encouragement and love kept me going several times when I wanted to give up.

Growing up in a field worker’s family has pushed Rocha to “work hard,” as her parents took her sisters and me into the fields to show us how hard labor can be.

Rocha concluded her writing by stating, “Working in the fields grows and shapes a different type of character.” One that does not give up and is resilient and strong enough to face the dangers associated with the occupation.”

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