Men live longer if they marry this type of woman

How do men choose a potential partner?

A 1997 poll from The Journal of Personality revealed reliability, warmth, and fairness as the three most desirable traits.

Guys, those are all excellent qualities, but we might want to rethink our priority list a bit in light of some new information.

You should marry an intelligent woman if you want to live a long life.

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen concluded that men with intelligent wives are far less likely to suffer from degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

MRI scans revealed that many of the men studied had signs of brain damage. However, those who married highly intelligent women did not show these symptoms.

The kind of people who should have dementia but don’t show symptoms are highly intelligent people with high-powered jobs. In addition, they have a lot of money in the bank”, said Professor Lawrence Whalley, professor of mental health at the University of Aberdeen.

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Do you know how that works?

Studies have shown that intellectual stimulation prevents dementia. In those studies, intellectual stimulation was observed through ‘cognitive activities’ such as crossword puzzles, reading, and museum visits.

This new Aberdeen study raises an important point – What could provide better intellectual stimulation than one’s spouse?

Women tend to care more about spending time with their partners than men do. They also value conversation more than men.

And here’s the real mind-blower.

Additionally, studies have shown that during a successful conversation, two people’s brains literally sync up. Conversations that are engaging rely on a process called ‘neural coupling’.

The listening brain fires in a pattern similar to the speaker’s, only it fires before the speaker’s brain. In other words, the listener begins to anticipate what is going to be said next.

The stronger the connection that is forged through this process, the more the two conversationalists will understand each other, and the stronger their sense of understanding will be.

How’s that for intellectual stimulation? Have you found yourself an intelligent wife?

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