What does the shape of your thumb reveal about your personality?

It’s said there’s a strong link between our physical characteristics and our personalities. As a species, we may not fully understand the link.

However, our physical appearances and the shape of our bodies play an important role in determining how we perceive ourselves and how we form our personalities. Therefore, many believe that physical characteristics reveal much about who we are on the inside.

Did you know there are 5 different types of thumb, each with a different shape?

What is the shape of your right thumb? Keep reading to find out what it says about you…

Type 1 – A – Upper half larger than lower half

You’re probably ambitious if you have this shape thumb. The best is always your goal, and you don’t tolerate mediocrity. Aiming for the stars is a part of your personality; even when you’re quiet, you’re thinking about how to achieve your goals.

Additionally, you have a tendency to become obsessed with targets. Your drive to succeed can be intense, but you aren’t the type to boast if and when you succeed. Instead, you are humble and grateful. You are such a strong person because of your combination of humility and willpower.

Type 2 – B – Lower half larger than upper half

Your thumb is this shape if you are always humble and keep your feet on the ground. You are confident and calm, but most importantly you are caring.

You don’t promise big things unless you are sure you can deliver.

Also, you are a person who enjoys the simple things in life. You find joy and peace in things others would consider mundane. Keep grounded and never forget to thank those who have helped you to get where you are. That makes you a rich person. Maybe not in money, but certainly in friendship and love.

Type 3 – C – Both halves the same size

If your thumb fits into this category, you’re likely someone who strives for balance. Harmony is something you strive for in your life, and you want your loved ones to be close to you as well. Your personality craves equilibrium – anything less isn’t acceptable.

Your life is strongly influenced by a theory similar to ying and yang. You always try to find goodness in bad situations. No matter what trouble you face, you’ll always find a way to move forward. It’s people like you who strive for a balance in life that many people envy, whether it’s through happiness, strife, or calm. Yours is a life based on physical, spiritual, and emotional harmony.

Type 4 – D – Flexible thumb

You are the kind of person who adapts well to different situations if you have a very flexible thumb. First and foremost, you’re a survivor, who is often the first to realize something has changed and you need to change along with it.

Mentally, this is also applicable. Based on new information, you can alter your opinion. When necessary, you change your attitude and behavior to achieve goals. This is a rare quality that provides you with a greater chance of survival, even in the most trying situations.

Type 5 – E – Set thumbs

In the meantime, if your thumbs are stiff or immobile, you have a dominant personality and may be quite stubborn. You are a person who keeps their word and does not break promises lightly. As a straight forward person, you don’t want to change that much in order to achieve your goals. When you fix your sights on something, it’s hard to sway you from your course.

Additionally, you are a person who can be trusted – both to listen and to communicate. As with your personality, your loyalty is admirable, and you are confident in your decisions. It is possible to see your stubbornness as a blessing, as it means all of your ideas are well thought out.

See which category you fall into by checking your thumb. Does it work for you? Mine seemed to be pretty accurate.

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