THIS Is What The Size Of Your Arm Says About Your Personality…

What Your Arm Size Says About Your Personality…

27 bones, 29 joints, and 123 ligaments make up the human body. All the gripping, communicating, and investigating you do with your hands is possible because of that.

Another way your hands can help – indicating your personality!

It’s all down to your genes. Your DNA plays a major role in determining your physical characteristics, such as hand size, as well as your personality traits.

Are you ready to learn what this means for you? Excellent! Let’s begin by measuring your hands.

Here’s what the size of your arm says about your personality: Size Of Your Arm

How to measure:

Put the tape measure away. You don’t need to know the absolute size of your hands; we’re looking at the relative size!

Make a 45o angle with your left arm and elbow. Place your right hand’s thumb on the inside of your elbow. Reach your hand upwards towards your wrist. If you can reach it, you have large hands. If not, you and I both have small hands.

What do small hands mean?

You’re probably an adventurous and free-spirited person with small hands.

It might put you in rough waters at times, but your problem-solving skills help you get back on land.

Your relationship tends to be on the dramatic side of things when it comes to relationships.

What do large hands mean?

You’re likely a perfectionist if you have large hands.

If it means getting things done right, you don’t mind pushing against deadlines a bit.

You are also more sensitive if you have large hands, especially when it comes to criticism.

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