They Thought Their Baby Was Angry Until They Got The Diagnosis

Baby’s are adorable, but let’s face it, they aren’t exactly the best companions to have at all times. At times, they can be fussy and even angry.

Hollie Walls knows this better than anyone. Her doctors told her that she would never have a baby because she needed fertility medication. That being said, she was also surprised to find out that she was pregnant.

Due to two surgeries she underwent a year ago to remove a mass from her uterus, she experienced difficulties. It never occurred to her that she would conceive a child.

That does not mean she didn’t understand what it was like to be pregnant. The couple already had two children from a previous marriage, but they wanted to add a third.

She told Love What Matters that she became pregnant almost immediately, and she knew that they were taking risks that could lead to a child, but she was still shocked to find out that she was expecting. As she recalled, she looked at the two lines on the pregnancy test and thought they must be faulty because there was no way she could be pregnant.

At first, she didn’t even tell her husband because she didn’t want him to be disappointed when she found out she wasn’t pregnant.

There was nothing unusual about the pregnancy until a week before the baby was due. Each ultrasound that they had been to was ideal, and all of her numbers were in line.

She went to see an OB/GYN when she was 41 weeks pregnant and it seemed the baby would not come on its own. The OB checked her blood pressure and urine to ensure everything was fine.

When they did the ultrasound, she could tell by the look on their faces that it was bad news. 

They had not found any amniotic fluid. Before that point, everything had been going so smoothly that she was shocked that things were going wrong now.

Hollie was then diagnosed with a condition she had never heard of, Oligohydramnios.

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