Almost all of us makes this big mistake after showering

According to statistics, we all spend about 1.5 years of our lives in the bathroom. We also spend about 6 months taking a shower. It is no surprise that hygiene plays a huge role in our lives. Most people, however, do not know that there is one big mistake almost everyone makes.

Following a bath, do you dry yourself with a towel, dress and begin exercising?

We are shielded from numerous potential contaminants when we shower, but with a few practices we practice, we can actually endanger our wellbeing.

In light of the fact that, keep in mind – don’t dress until you are completely dry, it is precisely the situation we described above that is hazardous to you.

This is especially true for the close piece between the two people. When you wear undies or bras while you are not yet completely dry, you are creating conditions for the development of microorganisms and parasites that cause contagious diseases. Therefore, after showering, you need to dry well with this towel.

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