8 Bad Bathroom Habits That Make Your Family Sick

It’s hard to keep the bathroom clean. The bathroom is naturally a very germy place. There are some things you are doing, however, that are actually making it dirtier than it already is. The following are a few things you may not have realized are making your family sick in the bathroom.

1. Using your cellphone

Especially when used in the bathroom, phones can be covered in bacteria. Would you want to put that right in your face? Leave your phone out of the bathroom to reduce the amount of bacteria on it.

2. Walking barefoot

The easiest way to spread bacteria in your bathroom is to walk barefoot. You can buy a pair of bathroom shoes, or you could just bleach your bathroom floor often.

3. Not properly washing your hands

Many people don’t wash their hands long enough when they wash their hands. To get your hands really clean, make sure you wash them for at least 20 seconds in warm water.
Flushing without closing the lid

4. Flushing without shutting the lid

The spray from a flush can reach 6 feet high if the lid is left open. Bacteria could even reach your ceiling! When flushing, leave the toilet seat down to prevent bacteria from spreading. You don’t have to watch it!

5. Leaving your makeup out

Bacteria can easily grow on make up left on the counter. Do not leave make up on the counter. Put your make up in a drawer by itself or in a container. It will stay fresh and clean.

6. Not washing your towels often

You should wash your towels every three days, whether you believe it or not. If you are the only one using it, it might last up to a week. Towels can hold on to a lot of bacteria, so make sure to wash them regularly!

7. Storing your toothbrush wrong

Store your toothbrush upright and in the open. Make sure it does not touch any other brushes.

8. Putting the soap in a soap dish

Even when you put your soap in the soap dish, it can still contain bacteria from your hands. Make sure your soap dish has holes for bacteria to drain. If it doesn’t, be sure to clean it frequently.


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