Six Things Which Makes A Woman Lose Respect For A Man

Six things that make a woman lose respect for a man

Here are six things that make a woman lose respect for a man;

1. Mistrust

Whether it’s a “little white lie” to “stay out of trouble with her” or a big, life-changing lie, most women will not tolerate their man being dishonest routinely. Once you have been caught lying, your wife will never be able to trust you again. She won’t be able to see you as her “rock” or her rock man, and her respect for you will decline.

2. No direction

Because you have no idea where you want things to go, for example, to marriage or not, it feels like you are constantly directing the relationship.

3. Not being able to provide

While the woman may be the primary provider, if he does not show any effort to provide for us, we lose respect.

4. Feeling like his second or third

It seems like work, friends, parents, etc. always come first. Women feel validated when they know they are not. 1 in their eyes.

5. Whining Like a Victim

Various reasons may cause a man’s life plans to be suddenly jeopardized. When things go wrong, it’s understandable that a man might want to talk about his problems with his wife, but when he acts like a victim without seeking solutions, a woman’s respect for him will quickly diminish, not all women, but you better be ready. It is inevitable that we will have disappointments and problems in life, but some men will let it destroy them by getting used to it and acting like “victims of life”.

6. Infidelity and obvious flirting

Post-Infidelity Stress Disorder is one of the classic signs that can follow cheating episodes in marriage. This can affect a woman’s emotional well-being and psychological health, and she may end up relating to her husband in a way that makes him feel disrespected.,

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