Never Say These Things To Your Partner When You Are Angry

When you are angry, never say these things to your partner

Refrain from saying these things

Whenever we are angry with each other, we tend to react in an unforgiving manner. Often, we stoop so low that we cannot see our partner’s eyes. If you are angry, here are 5 things you should never say or do, NO MATTER WHAT, to avoid permanent damage.

1. “You never” and “You always” accusations.

You don’t give your spouse a chance to change when you label and attack their character. This places them in the “bad guy” camp and invites them to argue with you. It’s not a good way to get them to change.

Instead, discuss the behaviors that bother you. Describe the problem and what you would like to change, along with your feelings. When they don’t do the housework, it leaves a lot on your plate and you feel resentful. This may cause your spouse to change their behavior.

2. The statements “so what?” and “who cares”.

Use language that doesn’t make your partner think you don’t care about what they think. Those who make statements that scream the “don’t care” attitude make the other person feel inexperienced. Even if you don’t agree, it’s crucial that you listen to them.

Although you may not mean it, try to refrain from saying this to your partner, especially when they are discussing something that is important to them.

3. Intentionally pushing their buttons

Some people like to hit under the belt and say the things they know will make them even angrier. When we are angry, we will do anything to hurt the other person, but when in a relationship, this may even cause a rift. As long as we know our partners well enough, we are able to reach their deepest fears, regretting that they ever revealed them to us. If they stoop to that level, they will forever lose their trust. You should keep quiet and talk about it when you’re both calm.

4. Digging up the past

In your fight, don’t bring up past issues. Although you may have said something out of the heat of the moment, you know very well that you shouldn’t have said it. We all know we can’t take our words back.

5. Name-calling

No way! No matter how ugly the fight is, you should never resort to name-calling. It simply damages your relationship. It doesn’t heal and lasts for a long time.

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