Sleeping On Your Stomach May Trigger These 2 Health Complications

Sleeping on your stomach may lead to these 2 health complications

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is bad? The short answer is “yes.” While sleeping on your stomach reduces snoring and sleep apnea, it is draining on your back and neck. This can result in poor sleep and discomfort throughout the day. If you are pregnant, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach as much as possible.

Sleeping on your stomach is associated with what health complications?

1. Spinal problems

When you sleep on your stomach, you can put a strain on your back and spinal cord, and this can cause problems anywhere in your body.

Stress on the spine increases stress on other structures in the body. Furthermore, since the spine acts as a conduit for your nerves, spinal stress can cause pain almost anywhere in your body. As well as tingling and numbness, it may feel as if parts of your body have “gone to sleep” (while the rest of you is uncomfortable wide awake).

Don’t sleep on your stomach, as it is not good for your spine and overall health. You can try other sleeping positions.

2. Neck problems

Sleeping on your stomach is not possible unless you turn your face to the right or to the left if you are the type who sleeps on their stomach. When sleeping in this position, it is impossible to sleep face down, as your spine and head become misaligned, twisting your neck, and resulting in long-term neck pain. Over time, this can even become dangerous.

The neck problem that you don’t want is a herniated disc. There is a rupture of the gelatinous disc between your vertebrae. This gel can irritate nerves when it expands out of the disc.

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