Iowa couple married for 73 years dies hours apart

We will be together until the end of time.

The phrase is used in wedding ceremonies to demonstrate a couple’s commitment to each other until death do them part.

A couple from Iowa recently lived up to their commitment, dying within hours of one another.

Wanda Wold had been battling Alzheimer’s disease for years before she died on July 20, 2021.

Around 4 a.m., they called to say she had passed,” Candy Engstler told KCCI.

Wanda Wold, 96, had been married to Jim Wold, 94, for 73 years.

Both of them fell in love at first sight.

In a video filmed for their 70th wedding anniversary, Jim said, “I think it was for me. I don’t know about her.”.

Wanda replied, “You know it was.”.

It was.” “I know it was.”

Engstler and her sister rushed to the nursing home where her mother and father shared a room when they heard about her mother.

They wanted to be with their father who had just lost his wife of more than seven decades.

Then he folded his hands and said, “Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for taking her, and would you please take me now as well?” she asked.

Engstler received another call from the nursing home several hours later. She had lost her father, who had been physically ill for some time.

“They were fortunate that he allowed them to go on the same day,” she said.

 “My dad wouldn’t have been here without her, so it was a blessing.”

I hope Jim and Wanda’s family find some comfort in knowing they died within hours of each other.

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