The parents are confused on how to respond when the baby is born with snow-white hair.

Hungary’s Székesfehérvár is a difficult-to-pronounce city where Bence was born.

His parents were eager to see their new baby. How will he look? Is there anyone he resembles more? Is he going to be hairless or will he have hair?

When Bence was born, he had a full head of snow-white hair!

Some babies may be born with no hair, little hair, or plenty of hair. Most people lose that amount of hair gradually over the course of a few months before it begins to grow back.

It doesn’t reflect their health, and there are no rules. Genes are the only thing that matters.

Do you really have white hair?  It’s not something you see every day in the delivery room.

Such styles are typically worn by people in their late 50s or older.

Scandinavians usually have extremely light blonde hair that may be mistaken for white since their ancestors often had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Due to the wide range of ethnic origins among Hungarians, there is no such thing as a “traditional” Hungarian face. It is common to see darker hair and eyes in their features. For instance, Drew Barrymore is Hungarian.

We were truly surprised to see white hair.

His parents were initially concerned about Bene’s albinism, a congenital disorder that prevents the body from producing any melanin.

In addition to increasing sensitivity to light and causing skin cancer, albinism does not pose a life-threatening threat.

Extensive tests revealed that he did not have albinism.

He did, however, have very little melanin, which is why his hair was so pale. In excellent health, at the right weight and height, and on time, he was delivered risk-free.

Doctors thought his hair would become darker as he aged since his melanin level was only temporarily low.

It’s almost like a real-life Benjamin Button.

Zoltan Kummer, the boy’s doctor, describes the condition as more of a local and likely temporary pigment deficit.

Since he was such a nice baby and all the nurses in the hospital cherished him, he has become known as “Prince Charming.”

It’s a pretty fitting name for a kid born in Székesfehérvár, known as Fehérvár in Hungarian.

Bory Castle is one of several magnificent and noteworthy castles in the city. One man built it brick by brick as a tribute to his lover, resembling a Hungarian Taj Mahal.

As a result, the castle has been added to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Thousands of people around the world agree that he is a special newborn boy because of his charming nickname and remarkable hair.

Bence immediately stood out to us, despite the fact that every kid is different.

In many ways, he resembles an old, wise monarch. However, as he ages, he will look more youthful. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?

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