Couple Meet Again After 55 Years Apart And Discover That They Still Love Each Other: “Love Does Not Age”

It is possible to meet the right person at the wrong time and have your plans fall through despite your best efforts. This person may seem uninterested at this point, but if we meet with them again at a more convenient time, things can turn out much better. This happened to Mary Porto, 74, a Brazilian lady, and Raymond Widmer, 75, a Swiss man. They both had a second chance after parting ways fifty-five years earlier.

Mary and Raymond met when they were barely 18 and 19 years old. Mary relocated from Brazil to Belgium following her father’s job shift, and then completed her education at an art school in Lausanne, Switzerland. As Mary signed up for the institute, a charming young man kept staring at her. As I was anxious, I didn’t pay attention to him, but later I noticed that he had been following me. I summoned the courage to ask him to join me for coffee,” Mary said.

When they started dating, Mary, who has always been direct, took the first step and kissed him: “I dislike wasting time.” I decided to kiss him. Mary remembered that if it had to be, it would be; if not, it would end.

Due to Mary’s forced return to her native country, their love lasted barely six months. For an additional six months, the two corresponded by letter, but their extreme separation prevented them from maintaining a real relationship. Soon after, their interest waned, and they stopped communicating in person. A lot of time has passed since then: Raymond married someone else, Mary married Samuel, with whom she had two children and spent 16 years before divorcing him. After being married three times, Mary decided that she no longer wished to interact with men when she turned 70. Several years later, she received a yellow envelope with a Swiss postage stamp from Raymond asking for her 55 years after their initial relationship ended.

It was very emotional for me to receive the letter since I could almost see Raymond there. Mary said, “I couldn’t believe it.”.

 After discovering an old gift from Mary in a drawer, Raymond resolved to see Mary, despite being married. It took Raymond a lot of perseverance to locate Mary’s address and send her the letter that forever changed their lives.

It was so amazing and joyful that they decided to get married one week after their reunion. They were both surprised at how they had been able to “mature together” while still getting along.

“We want to live in the moment, joyfully, and as a couple. What happened to us was truly a miracle. There is no age limit to love. Rather, it is the source of everlasting youth. Totally agree and delighted for them!


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