Marine gives up lead to help struggling 9-year-old boy finish race

When he saw the little boy struggling, he threw everything out the window to help him.

It is not for the faint of heart, nor for the faint of lungs to run a marathon. Your lungs might remind you halfway through that this might be too much for you.

People who compete in them deserve a lot of respect. Before you do one, stretch a lot!

However, this story is about someone who could have finished the race sooner but decided not to.

There are people who are in shape enough to run a marathon, and marines are definitely among them. There is no doubt that military training is some of the toughest out there. They’ll make you do pushups after pushups, courses after courses, and they’ll make you do them regularly.

Thus, a marine is well-prepared to run a marathon.

Lance Corporal Myles Kerr was a 19-year-old marine who participated in a 5K marathon.

You have to run 5 kilometers in a 5k marathon, as the name suggests.

On foot, 5 kilometers is a long distance. Running for half a kilometer makes me pretty tired. Without a lot of preparation and training, 5 kilometers is definitely not something you should attempt.

As a result of his training, Myles was able to run while wearing boots and a rucksack.

One runner could not handle this while Myles and the other marines with him could.

Brandon Fuchs was 9 years old. As part of a group, the boy participated in the race. As the race progressed, he separated from the group. Now he was quite far behind and struggling to finish.

The boy just so happened to catch Myles’ eye.

Myles had run far ahead of the other marines and they had no idea what he was doing. Even they feared that he might have bitten off more than he could chew with the race, and he might have been injured or fatigued.

Thankfully, the real story was much better. Until the pair crossed the finish line, they wouldn’t know.

In the end, they both finished the race, but Myles lost the lead he worked so hard to gain.


Despite that, he didn’t care. He was needed by this boy, and that was much more important.

Such a gesture is too compassionate to be overlooked. Brandon and Myles were photographed. Myles’ moment was posted to SEAL of Honor on Facebook, and it received over 200,000 likes.

Brandon, then 9 years old, was deeply touched by Myles’ actions. The marine didn’t think it was a big deal.

Myles tweeted that he “was just doing what any man would do”. It takes a man to give up his advantages to lift up those who are struggling.

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