Only 1 in 7 choose the correct answer: How many holes does the t-shirt have?

There are different ways to keep your brain in shape. For your mind to stay fresh, sharp, and alert, we all need a way to rest and unwind. So we can later overcome any problem that arises at school, work, or life in general. For me, and many others, puzzles work perfectly as a relaxation tool.

Lately, it has become increasingly popular to challenge yourself by exploring brainteasers online – and that’s great now that most of us spend the day in front of some either a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Besides, since technology does almost everything for us, it is vital to get a light mental workout every now and then.

At the very least, that is my honest opinion!

Things were different back when we went to school. We used to solve problems with pen and paper. I remember a specific teacher who liked to hand out riddles and puzzles before we went home.

It was not always easy, but I have always enjoyed this type of challenge. Things might be different now as adults, but it’s terrific that we can find several ways to keep our brains in shape without having to leave our homes.

I found this the next optical puzzle online earlier this week.

How many holes are there?

According to several sites, which also reported on this challenge, only about 1 in 7 adults gets the correct answer on their first try.

Therefore, I felt that it could be a bit more fun to give you some alternatives to make things more interesting.

How many holes does the t-shirt have?

The answer is either – 2, 4, 6, or 8!

YoutubeNow take your time, look carefully, and give it a few seconds.

There are probably more holes than you think at first glance! Let those brain cells work for a while before you decide on an answer!

Below, however, we’ll reveal the correct answer!

PexelsThe correct answer is 8! It was alternative D, after all!

Below we’ll explain how to find the 8 holes in the picture!

YoutubeThere are two holes in the shirt’s front, another two holes for the arms, 4 so far. Then one hole for the neck and another one at the bottom for the waist. There we have six holes that you can see from the front. But there are actually two more!

YoutubeOf course, you also have to keep in mind that a shirt has two sides! As you see right through it, there must be, of course, similar holes on the back of the shirt. So two more holes – a total of 8!

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