Very few people can spot the mistake within 20 seconds

It’s always fun to test yourself with puzzles and small challenges. I think it is our inherent competitiveness that makes us find brainteasers fascinating.

The riddle we have for you today has now left thousands online tearing their hair out in frustration!

Ever since I was young, I’ve enjoyed solving math problems, riddles, or any other type of brainteaser. Analyzing, tinkering, and looking for that long-awaited solution has always been something extremely satisfying.

I remember back in school a certain teacher used to end the day by having us solve different puzzles – and there was always this untold competition between my classmates and me that made things even more fun.

Because of this, things like crossword puzzles and sudoku are extremely popular nowadays. On one hand, it’s fun, and on the other, they help the brain cells stay fresh in a world where technology does most of the thinking for us.

Soon, people will hardly need to get out of bed – so I think that brainteasers of various kinds are a good way to keep the mind in shape.

20 seconds to spot the mistake

This riddle (below) has caused thousands of people online to tear their hair out. It might look quite simple at first. But it requires an excellent eye for detail if you want to spot the mistake.

Most people actually can’t manage to come up with the solution within 20 seconds. If you can do it, then you should be proud! Apparently, only 1 out of every 8 people can find the correct solution before the time runs out!

Can you handle this challenge?

The Laugh Club

Will you spot the mistake inside the picture?

If you weren’t able to see it, worry not, this is a tricky one! The answer will be revealed after the picture below!

The mistake in the picture above is that the number 8 is upside down. Such a hard one to spot! Everything else is as it should be.

Most people fail to realize this!

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