23-Year-Old Mother Of 11 Wants To Have Another 100 Children To Form The ‘World’s Largest Family.’

A Russian woman has announced she wants to have 100 children. She is 23 years old and already has eleven children. Her husband, Galip Ozturk, wants a hundred children. After giving birth, she wants surrogacy for the next 20 years.

Christina gave birth to her first child shortly after meeting Galip. The other children are with him and live in Georgia. They want to be the biggest family in the world.

This is called surrogacy. A female oocyte and male sperm are bound and placed in the body of a voluntary female, who then receives money to carry the child until birth. In some countries, surrogacy is legal.

Several of Christina’s children were born this way. She gave birth to her eldest daughter Vika six years ago. She currently has ten children, the youngest, Olivia, arrived last month.

According to the parents, all the children will live with a family that owns a hotel.

‘I don’t know how many kids we have, but we’re not planning to stop at 10 and we’re not ready to talk about the final number yet.

The clinic in Batumi has chosen a surrogate mother and we all take full responsibility for the process. We do not know the surrogate mother and have no direct contact with her in order to avoid problems during pregnancy. All communication takes place through the clinic and we monitor the health indicators. I make the menu of mums, complete with a look at the test results.

Experts say a surrogate mother carrying 100 children would cost about $1 million. The only solution to this problem is for parents to hire more professional childminders. But millions of questions arise about this decision. Many people wonder how they are going to take care of so many children and give them the attention they need.

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