Wife Wears Wedding Dress To Surprise Husband In Hospital & Keep Up 25 Year Tradition

A loving wife was determined to not let her husband’s cancer diagnosis stand in the way of their anniversary tradition – surprising him at his hospital bedside wearing her wedding gown.

Kathy Nawjczyk has worn her gorgeous wedding gown every year since she married Danny 25 years ago, no matter what the circumstances might be.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in October 2018, Danny, 61, had to spend the couple’s anniversary at Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey.

Kathy said the diagnosis was a complete shock since Danny had been diagnosed with cancer back in September 2017, but a kidney removal later led to the spread of the disease to his lymph nodes.

Kathy, 61, decided to keep up her annual tradition of lifting Danny’s spirits on their wedding anniversary, May 21.

As soon as Danny saw her enter the room, his face lit up, and the couple burst into laughter before embracing.

Kathy, who lives in Union, New Jersey, said: “It was such a feeling of pure joy to see his reaction.

“When we were married, people asked me if I was going to preserve my dress.

That made me wonder why I would do that. I did not want to wear someone else’s dress, so I cannot understand why anyone would want to wear mine.

The idea of paying $100 to put my dress in a box didn’t make sense to me at the time.

That’s when I decided to wear it every year on our anniversary.”

I was totally overwhelmed when she went to such lengths not to break a 25-year tradition, even though I am fighting a terminal disease, just to give me a moment of joy and laughter.

Kathy Nawjczyk surprises husband Danny in hospital wearing her wedding dress to keep up 25 year tradition of wearing wedding dress on anniversary

I do not know how many wives would do that – I consider myself the luckiest man on earth because she shows me love every day.”

In sharing the video, Kathy hopes to let people know that “no matter what life hands you, there is still joy to be had.”

Kathy said the looks on family members’ faces when they’ve seen the video have been “priceless,” with this year’s surprise perhaps topping them all.

Kathy has shown up with a cup of coffee in the dress before; another time she decided to cook dinner in it.

In the words of Danny: “Be thankful for everything while it lasts – you don’t know how long you will have it.”

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