Amazon Delivery Driver Hailed ‘Hero’ After She Informs Woman A Problem With Her House That Makes It Unsafe For Her

After warning one house owner about the dangers of not having a house number, the Amazon delivery driver was praised for her considerate behavior. Video of the driver has gone viral, and people are calling him a silent hero. Watch the clip and let us know what you think.

A TikTok video has gone viral, and the Amazon driver in the video is praised after she informed the customer that she had put herself at risk by not having any numbers on her house.

Jessica Huseman’s clip has gone viral and has been viewed more than a million times. Video shows the delivery driver approaching her front door and talking to her as soon as she notices that her house has a doorbell camera.

“Hi Jennifer, I hope your Monday is going well. There are no markers on your house indicating your house number.

“And it’s hard to find your house, my dude, and it’s unsafe. How would you feel if you needed medical assistance, but the paramedics didn’t know your town well?

Huseman shared the clip and added in the caption: “We just moved in and this happened today… she’s not wrong though. Guess I need to get some house numbers.”

The clip went viral overnight and people lauded the driver for being so considerate.

A retired paramedic wrote: “Retired paramedic.”. She is 100% correct. Get some large numbers on your house and mailbox to protect yourself. Spray paint the curb as well if it’s out front.”

Another added: “Not all heroes wear capes… delivery with a message of safety song. Amazing service!!!”

The 28-year-old driver in the video, Kelsey, has since created a TikTok account in which she shares other unsafe things she’s seen at houses she’s delivered packages to, such as cluttered entranceways.

In a follow-up video, Houseman explained that Kelsey called her Jennifer because that was the name of the woman who previously lived there, and the package had been intended for her. Also, her house now has a visible number that everyone can see.

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