Touching Moment: Bride Moves Her Wedding To Hospital To Have Mom By Her Side

She moved the wedding to the hospital chapel when she realized her mother didn’t have much longer to live.

Originally, Elizabeth Basoski wasn’t planning on having her wedding in a hospital. Nevertheless, when given the choice between having the wedding she’d originally planned or having her mother by her side, her decision was clear. Bride moves wedding for sick mother.

Just weeks before Elizabeth was set to marry her fiance, Ivo, some heartbreaking news arrived.

Elizabeth’s mother, Magda, was hospitalized. This sick mother has very little time left on this earth, according to doctors here. She was faced with a difficult decision. In either case, the bride moves the date and location of her wedding or leaves it as is knowing her mother won’t live long enough to attend.

For the devoted daughter, the choice was obvious. In order to have her mom by her side, she would move Heaven and Earth.

As a result, Elizabeth and Ivo set to work in a race against time. They managed to move their wedding date up. It was also possible to move the ceremony to the chapel in the hospital where her mom is being treated.

We will celebrate one last time together

The couple received a lot of support when they moved their wedding at the last minute, given the circumstances.

To honor the couple’s change of plans, the wedding vendors collaborated, and Ariana Photography captured stunning images of the tender, heartbreaking moments.

Everything came together beautifully on that day. Elizabeth’s mother was confined to a hospital bed, but she still got to witness her daughter’s special day. Elizabeth Basoski got dressed and ready in her mom’s hospital room.

Then the sick mother’s hospital bed was wheeled into the chapel so that she could watch the beautiful ceremony.

The mom went to be with the Lord the very next night. But not before celebrating her daughter’s wedding.

Although the event was not exactly how Elizabeth and Ivo had originally imagined, it was still the wedding of Elizabeth’s dreams since her mother was there.

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