Kids Meet at Wedding, Walk Down the Aisle at Their Own 2 Decades Later after a Chance Reunion

After a chance reunion, two kids meet at a wedding, then walk down the aisle at their own two decades later

At a Minnesota wedding in 1995, two 3-year-olds accompanied each other down the aisle as flower girl and ring bearer. The ring bearer was the bride’s godson, and the flower girl was a friend’s daughter.

About 20 years later, Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn, both 22, walked down the aisle again, but this time as bride and groom.

They didn’t meet again until 2007, and both say they don’t remember each other from that first wedding.
“It clicked who she was when I saw the picture,” he said.

Fussy and Husbyn started dating their junior year and attended separate colleges – Fussy at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and Husbyn at Minnesota State University-Mankato

Briggs told CNN, “I knew I was going to marry her.”

They have enjoyed the attention their remarkable love story has received.

As Husbyn told CNN, “I’m pretty cheesy when it comes to love stuff.”

Both students are two semesters away from completing their degrees at Minnesota State University – he studies economics, and she studies education. The couple plans to move closer to family in Blaine, Minnesota after graduation.

Since the couple tied the knot on Jan. 10, it has been a whirlwind, Fussy said.

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