Driver Stopped Bus To Go Outside Then Help Tie The Shoe Of An Elderly Woman Who Almost Tripped

This is the story of William Harris being hailed as Cork’s nicest bus driver, and he is completely confused by the response to his small act of kindness toward an elderly woman.
William Harris, from Cork, was driving the 205 bus from CiT into Cork City Centre Wednesday when he stopped to tie the shoe of an elderly woman.
After already tripping while alighting from the bus, the woman was in danger of tripping again, but due to arthritis, she couldn’t bend down to tie her laces.

Clara O’Brien took a photo of the driver helping a woman on the bus and posted it on Bus Éireann’s Facebook page. In a few hours, it had amassed tens of thousands of likes.William’s simple yet meaningful act of kindness touched many hearts online.

“He’s one of the nicest drivers I’ve ever met. One person said, “It’s not out of character for him to do something like this, he always goes above and beyond.”

“What a gentleman!” I bet he has no idea what a difference he has made. One person remarked, “I imagine this lady sits at home often in the evening with a cuppa and a smile, her heart filled with gratitude for his kindness.”
It is what life is all about. Kindness and consideration. “Small things like this make me happy,” wrote another.

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