Grandma Left Horrified After Being Told Her Pinstripe Pants Actually Contain Profane Message

When her granddaughter told her at a party that her pinstripe pants were not so cute after all and contained repeated messages of “F_*.c.k Y.o.u” in vertical white letters to simulate pinstripes, Nana was shattered. Many people were amused by Nana’s response and genuinely asked her where she purchased those cool pants.

Grandma’s cute pinstripe pants actually contained profane messages, leaving her mortified. The Internet is in love with her.

It is a viral TikTok video showing the grandmother shaking her head in disbelief, hoping that her granddaughter is bluffing after being informed that her cute pants are not so innocently stripped.

A TikTok user named @chels_bb’s confirmed to the woman’s nana that the pants she was wearing had the phrase “F_*.c.k Y.o.u” printed over and over and over again in vertical white letters to simulate pinstripes.

Social media exploded with her horrified response

A woman behind the camera playsfully exclaims “Nana!” in an incredulous, mocking tone as the young girl chokes out “Oh…my….god.”.

It has been viewed over 10 million times and liked 1.4 million times by @chels_bb.

Many people took to the comments section to ask Nana where she got these cool pants?

However, some people even claimed Nana was in on it the whole time.

Regardless of the reason, most people loved Nana and her super adorable response

We are sure, though, that with her expression, Nana will pay close attention to all the text written on clothes the next time she goes shopping

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