Man Attacked By Monkey Has List Of Women Waiting To Date Him

In a goofy video he posted on Hinge of himself getting attacked by a monkey in Thailand, Dillion became viral and women began asking him out. Task Failed Successfully!

Lexi Bennet was so enamored with Dillon’s profile on Tinder that she decided to share it to the world on her TikTok page.

Dillion was viciously, yet hilariously attacked by a monkey perched on top of his head in the caption, “Marriage Material.”

Dillion originally posted the video on Hinge, where he called it “The worst experience he’s ever had.”

During a trip to Thailand, Dillion came across this monkey.

He is seen perched on his head as he wraps his hand around Dillon’s head and slaps him several times across the face.

Dillion is heard and seen screaming, “Goddamnit! Argh!” when the handler finally commands the monkey to stop.

Then he says, “Okay, we’re done.”.

Several people decided they too wanted to date Dillon after watching the video.

The one who wants him asks, “How old is he and where is he from?”.

In the comments, one of Dillion’s friends revealed, “Oh my God, I know him. He is just as funny in person. Got us kicked out of a tennis club.”

He finally had to create his own TikTok account where he said, “I’m the viral monkey guy but wish it would go away.”

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