Hilarious moment toddler gets grumpy because she wants to “take her attitude to the car”

This video captures a moment when the toddler was not prepared to “leave her attitude at home.”. It was so funny to watch the little girl negotiate with her mom and dad.

Kids are still learning about the world around them. So it’s not surprising when they misunderstand something mom and dad say to them. “I have a feeling the little girl won’t want to leave her attitude in the car,” someone joked. Mom replied, “She didn’t, but we tried our best to convince her.”

Source: TikTok

“She has both of you trained really well,” said another saᎥd.

“That was the fastest fold in history. Lol,” a user wrote.

TkTok mom @clarᎥssamurᎥllo29  checked on her daughter Zoe’s attitude, and the child gave her parents a piece of her mind.


Proof Zoe’s always been the bucket dipper.

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Zoe, remember what I said: You have to leave your attitude here. “You’re not taking your attitude with you,” the mother said. “Leave your attitude at home.”

“No!” Zoe replᎥed. “I want to take it in the car.”

“You can’t take your attitude in the car,” her mother said.

Zoe sulked, demanding that she be allowed to take the car.

“Okay. “Okay. A woman’s father told her, “If you take your attitude in the car, you can’t take it to the restaurant.” Is that OK?

The toddler nodded and started laughing. She would leave her attitude in the car. She won over her parents. There were 24.6 million views for the video.

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