He Spent A Year Saving $120 And Spent It Making Lunches For The Homeless

A youngster had a lovely Christmas request, which his father, Phineas1713, wanted to share. My child came into my room on Saturday morning and said he wanted to donate his money to the needy. I asked him what he was planning and he told me he wanted to prepare lunch for them. I almost persuaded him to keep his money and have his parents pay for it, but his bright eyes urged me to simply accept the situation.”

Having saved $120 for a year, the young man wanted to spend it on sandwiches for the homeless in Houston, Texas. The family bought food and made hundreds of sandwiches. They loaded them into the vehicle.

“Most of the handing out was done by him, and this is the only photo we have of us actually handing out the items.” The heart of a child is both lovely and caring. We should follow his lead and create something lovely to share with our neighbors.

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