A toddler’s adorable reaction to dad shaving his beard is melting hearts everywhere

If your child has only seen you with a beard, taking it off will almost always trigger a very emotional reaction.

Some people who see the unrecognizable face of their old man start to cry, while others refuse to look at them directly and run away as if they’d seen a ghost.

A youngster named Ellie, however, wasn’t like that. While the little girl did ask her father, Arthur, to shave his beard, she was completely surprised when he actually followed through with her request.

Ellie said, “I don’t like this,” while touching her dad’s beard in a clip of their previous car conversation.

“What should I do?” asked Arthur.

Ellie said, “You take it off.”. She said, “I don’t like it.”.

Turns out, the toddler completely forgot about that conversation.

In the car with Ellie, Arthur removed his mask to reveal his freshly shaved face. Ellie couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him.

Why did you take it off?” she innocently asked.

A girl and her dad inside the car

Her dad replied, “You said you wanted me to take it off.”.

Afterwards, she asks him questions that only a toddler would ask. She couldn’t seem to get rid of one question, however.

Ellie asked again, “Why did you take it off?””

Arthur replied, “Because you told me to.”

You’re the funniest,” she said, giggling. She laughed.

After that, Ellie seemed to accept her dad’s new look.

A girl and her dad inside the car

The girl touched the part of Arthur’s face where his beard used to be and said, “I like your face.”. “It’s so sharp.”

Ellie’s reactions are adorable, even though we have no idea what “sharp” means!

“You think I’m pretty?” Arthur asked, and Ellie gave him a heart-melting reply.

“No, no, no. I think you are quite handsome,” Ellie replied. “And you are so beautiful!””””

A girl and her dad inside the car

Then, she continues to compliment Arthur.

“I like it,” she said.

When Ellie looked at her father straight in the eyes, she exclaimed, “Whoa.”. You’re my dad.”””

Ellie’s parents clearly speak nothing but love and praise to her when listening to her positive words. That’s probably why she’s so good at giving compliments and growing up to be such a sweet child.

A girl and her dad inside the car

Arthur recorded their cute exchange and posted it on Instagram in December of last year, where it quickly went viral. It has received over 1.2 million likes and thousands of comments. Here are some viewers’ reactions.

As you can see, they tell her often that she is pretty and beautiful and that they love her.”

Sweet little girl, falling in love with daddy all over again.”

“That kid understands that compliments make people feel connected and loved, and she wants her dad to feel that way too. I love it.”

Isn’t this the cutest daddy-daughter conversation ever?

source : mypositiveoutlooks.com

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